Still Hunting-Stalking


Still Hunting-Stalking Deer Hunting Methods

Still Hunting-Stalking

Still Hunting-Stalking

Still Hunting Stalking is probably the hardest deer hunting method there is. Basically, you are trying to walk into the deer house and open his refrigerator and take a beer with him while he’s sitting on the couch watching TV. You are going into his natural environment and trying to do this undetected. This is an extremely difficult hunting method for a beginner hunter. But it is an extremely rewarding feeling when you are able to shot you first buck using Still Hunting-Stalking.

One of the major factors in a successful Still Hunting-Stalking trip is your speed. You have to move so slowly that slugs are passing you by, giving you the finger telling you to speed up as they pass you by. You need to move a couple of feet and stop. And look around. Then move a couple more feet and stop. caring a light pair of binocular with you is a good tip too. Just because the deer could only be 20 or 30 feet away from you, they can be really hard to see if they are bedded down. And looking through binoculars can really help to see their white faces as they are watching you. The deer will not always jump up as soon as they see you and run away. They may watch you for a bit and then try to sneak off. Remember all of the deer natural enemy have to run after them to catch them. So them just jumping up and running is not always there best move. So they may just watch you for a little while and then try to sneak off undetected. So you need to be always watching.

So when you are Still Hunting-Stalking you need to move quietly and moving really slow makes this a lot easier. Only moving a couple of feet a time, you are able to plan your steps and watch for any branch or leafs that may give away your position to the deer in your area. So if you should step on them.  You are never going to be completely quiet,so when you do happen to step on a twig and break it, I would carry a doe call and use it whenever I would make a noise that the deer could hear. That way if a buck is in the area he may get curious and come over to check you out. This tip really works well when your hunting in the rut. This is not always the case as a big buck will usually circle you first to see what made the noise first before he comes out. But you may have a chance at a smaller younger buck. So you always have to keep a good watch out even behind you, because the buck may just get a little too close when he comes around to check you out.

Still Hunting-Stalking into the wind. You will never sneak up on a deer if he can smell you coming. It does not matter if you are invisible if the deer can smell you he is gone. That it is why it is so important that you always hunt with the wind in your face. So if the wind changes direction while you are hunting you must change your hunting direction too. Where I hunt on the west coast of British Columbia the weather can change in a minute. And so does the wind direction so I always had to change the direction I was hunting in.

Still Hunting-Stalking so the deer can’t see you. Is still is a very key factor in a successful still hunting trip. Even thou the deer does not have really good eyes sight. And nobody knows for sure if a deer is or is not color blind. But they can for sure pickup movement extremely well. With that being said. You still have to try your best to blend into your surroundings vegetation. With the right colors camouflage. And you must also check with your local regulations, to see if you are required to wear orange while you are hunting. With having their eyes more on the side of their head. They have a lot better Peripheral vision than we do. So just because they are not looking at you does not mean they cannot see you. So don’t try to sneak around a deer because they are not looking at you, to get into a better position for a shot. So this is another reason why moving slow is so important. You may have the right camouflage on to blend into the surrounding vegetation. You need to make sure you are making smooth and natural movements to have a better chance of going undetected to the deer because they can pick out movement so well. I hope these Still Hunting-Stalking tips come work well for you. Remember to have fun and be safe out there.

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