Hunting from A Ground Blind

Hunting from A Ground Blind

Hunting from A Ground Blind

        Deer hunting from a ground blind is a great deer hunting method. You can take away all of a deer’s senses if properly set up. Hunting from a blind keeps you in one spot and keeps you from making any unnecessary noise. This way, you are taking away a deer’s hearing (so to speak) and minimizing any chance of a deer hearing you. If your hunting blind is well built and camouflaged, you take away a deer’s eyes or its chance of them seeing you. Now, you just have to worry about its nose. It’s important to do some preseason deer scouting to make sure you put your deer hunting blind in the right location, along a well-traveled deer trail and in the right position for the wind. It’s not a bad idea to have a few different deer hunting blinds in the same area. Depending on which way the wind is blowing one day, you can be in the right deer hunting blind and furthermore, take away the deer’s nose or sense of smell. This is why deer hunting from a blind is such a great deer hunting method. As long as you have patience and are dressed for the weather you can have great success deer hunting from a deer blind.


            hunting from a ground blind is great deer hunting method and it can be anything. It can be an old farmer’s shed or an old abandoned tractor that has been left in a field for years, etc. As long as the deer are comfortable being around it and you are comfortable sitting in it, so set it up early or pick it out in the preseason. The earlier the better so that the deer get comfortable with it being there. Using a ground hunting blind that you buy from a store is also an option, as long as you try to camouflage it in the same way as the surrounding vegetation. Remember, (providing the deer are comfortable with it being there) it does not have to be perfect. Throwing some natural vegetation on top of your deer hunting blind is always a nice touch in order to give it a more natural look and smell. Cover it with branches and any other debris that may by laying around.

       Make the inside of your deer hunting blind as comfortable as possible, so that you’ll be able to stay in it for long periods of time. Wearing black clothing and making the inside of the deer hunting blind black are also good tips. This way, the deer will not be able to see your movements very well. Clean the inside of your deer hunting blind by clearing away debris and any sticks or twigs that are laying around inside. Sweeping out the inside of the blind is a good idea to avoid any unnecessary noise when you are moving around inside your deer hunting blind. Also, setup a table or something you can use to put your bullets and deer hunting supplies on. Have a good chair, one that is as comfortable as possible, and a shooting stick or some kind of a rest to use when you are ready to take a shot at a deer. Be as comfortable and as ready as you can be so that you are able to make a clean kill.

You will need to have a lot of patients for this deer hunting method. You can go days without seeing a deer, but as long as you did your preseason deer scouting and know that there is deer is the area, you can have a great chance at taking a big mature buck.

Remember to have your ground blind ready:

  • Clean your ground blind so you won’t make unnecessary noise.
  • Wear black clothing making it harder for the deer to see you.
  • Have your ground blind in a good position so the deer will not smell you.
  • Have your ground blind along a path that the deer use frequently.

To summarize, when you can take away all the deer’s senses and set up this of deer hunting method properly, you will have a better chance at taking a big mature buck.

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