Field Dressing a Deer

Field dressing a deer

Field dressing a deer

Congratulation on shooting your deer now lets get started field dressing a deer, The first thing you need to do when you start  field dressing a deer is get organized and unload your gun. You will probably be a little excited after shooting your deer so you will need to calm down. Now is a good time to get pictures before you get blood all around the area and the deer. Now that you have calmed down you can start field dressing a deer. It is an old wise tail that you need to cut the deer throat in order to bleed the deer. This is not true the only way that this would work is if the heart is still beating to be able to circulate the blood. So if the deer is dead the heart is not beating and no blood is not circulating. So cutting the throat is pointless. Plus if you plan on saving the cape you will put a hole in it that does not need to be there.

So the first thing you need to do when field dressing a deer is roll up your sleeves and take off your watch, as your arm will be covered in blood when you are done. Now put the deer on it back, you can use rope to tie to the legs in order to hold the deer on its back. Then at the bottom of his rib cage at the bottom of it sternum pinch the hide and cut the hide so you have a circled peace with no hair. Then you carefully cut into the meat just below the sternum, To get a starting hole into the stomach cavity. Once you have a hole then you will need to cut down to the anus. The best way I have found when cut down to the anus so you don’t cut into the guts and or bladder is to put your first and second fingers on either side of your knife so the tip of the knife is not sticking out and run your knife and finger down opening up the stomach cavity Next you will cut the diaphragm at the bottom of the rib cage below the lung. It will be attached to the rib cage, cut it all the way around the rib cage. Then reach up as far as you can to cut through the windpipe. Then pull down on the windpipe, cut as needed all the way down to the anus. Be carefully you do not cut the bladder. The urine will ruin the meat. You can remove the bladder once the deer is hanging. Once you have all the gut out you will probably have a lot of blood still inside the deer just row the deer over to let the blood run out. You can wipe out the inside of the deer if you have a rag or if you are hunting in the snow filling the deer up with snow, this will help to clean out the deer and will help to cool off the meat as well. That is it now you can start to drag out the deer.

Items you need for Field Dressing a Deer

  • A good sharp knife
  • Robe to help hold the legs apart
  • Paper Towel to wash blood from inside of deer
  • Plastic Bag for Heart and Liver
  • Latex Gloves (optional)

Now your deer is field dressed and ready to be packed out. Congratulation

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