Deer Calls

The Art Of Using Deer Calls

deer calls

deer calls

The art of using  deer calls is like learning to speak a new language. It may seam pointless and a waste of time, but once you understand what you are trying to say to the deer and how they will react to the different calls, it will all start to make more sense, and you will be able to start calling in more deer.



Basic doe urine is all you want to use for early season hunting. It will reassure deer as they move through an area that all is clear in that part of the woods, especially as they travel through on the feeding patterns that they are commonly using now. If you go with an estrous scent early, you’ll only spook deer, as they will know that isn’t natural for this time of year.


A grunt tube is essential. It’s good all season long and is really the only call that should be used in the early season hunting. If your tube is adjustable, make the grunt less deep and guttural so that it sounds more like a young buck. This will be less intimidating to other bucks at a time when they are not yet challenging each other too hard yet.


Try using a subordinate (or smaller) buck decoy now, as young groups of bucks are still moving together and might become curious about the new kid on the block. With deer are still locked on feeding patterns, it seems a doe, with doe scent placed around her, might act as a confidence tool, but it’s best to save that trick for later in the season.

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